Complete, Collaborative Retail Programs

Smooth. Seamless. Flexible. Complete. That’s what you’re looking for in a retail logistics program. Our Walmart consolidation services are a Prime example. We create successful retail supply chain solutions of every size and scope. Prime is your national resource with international reach, managing everything from transportation of goods across the nation and across the globe, to warehousing, packaging, consolidation, and distribution to their final destination. Our scalable solutions enable you to enjoy the competitive advantages usually only available to megabrands:

  • A comprehensive, single-source suite of services
  • Leading-edge technology.
  • Performance-enhancing efficiencies.

Bottom-line cost savings.

Over 30 years of retail logistics experience and know-how

Sharing Our Experience

Supply chain management for retail is a complex, ever-evolving process. We welcome the opportunity to share what we’ve learned in more than three decades servicing some of America’s largest retailers. We understand the tools, the trends and the fast-moving technology.

Prime is happy to provide speakers with helpful insights and information to industry associations, retail consultants, and other partners in the consumer packaged goods industry. We’re all in this together.