A History of Commitment

Prime Distribution Services, An Ascent Global Logistics Company, was founded in 1990 to offer vendors a powerful new alternative means of distribution to retailers. Our goal was simple: to provide these vendors with a single point of distribution incorporating warehousing, cross-docking, packaging and multi-vendor freight consolidation in a single supply-chain resource.

The industry and our company has evolved immensely since then, with new challenges, new tools and technology, and a global marketplace offering limitless new retail opportunities. Through it all, Prime has led the way in providing ever more efficient, more cost-effective distribution programs – and ways for even the smallest vendors to share the competitive advantages. We have expanded to be not just the industry-leading Walmart and Sam’s Club consolidation program, but to include:

  • Comprehensive transportation logistics
  • Warehousing and consolidation to many regional and national retailers
  • National and international supply chain management

Today, Prime Distribution Services, An Ascent Global Logistics Company, is the first choice in total supply chain management for brands large and small. Our consistent growth – in both size and capabilities – is testament to our commitment to being the very best at what we do: Get your products to the shelves for consumers everywhere.

Decades of Ongoing Growth

1990 – founded our first facility, totaling 10,000 sq. ft.

1994 – Added two new locations, 55,000 sq. ft. and 10,000 sq ft., respectively

1995 – Added a facility to provide dedicated LTL consolidation to all Sam’s Store locations

2001 – Began providing consolidation to Wal-Mart grocery suppliers

2003 –Indianapolis facility reaches 485,000 sq. ft.

2005 – Acquired additional 270,000 sq. ft. Indianapolis facility

2006 – Opened Mesquite, TX and Stockton, CA facilities

2008/2009 – Combines all Indianapolis facilities into a 1.2 million sq. ft. facility in Plainfield, IN

2010 – Added a 155,000 sq. ft. facility in Atlanta, GA

2011 – Acquired by Roadrunner Transportation Systems

2013 – Moved Dallas, TX location to a 490,000 sq. ft. facility

2016 – Added a second 350,000 sq. ft. facility in Plainfield, IN

2017 – Became a part of Ascent Global Logistics